Women's Safety Audit in Public Transport in Lahore

The Women’s Safety Audit in Public Transport in Lahore assesses the safety concerns of women and girls using public transport in Lahore. It identifies factors that may increase the chances of violence against women and girls at bus stops and on buses. It gauges the factors responsible for harassment, including sexual harassment in public spaces, with a focus on public transport. The study was conducted by the Aurat Foundation and co-led by the Women’s Development Department (WDD) Punjab and UN Women, in collaboration with the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW), the Chief Minister’s Strategic Reform Unit and the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA).

The data reveals an alarming situation regarding the safety of women on public transport, contributing to the existing restrictions on women’s mobility, limiting their opportunities to engage in economic activity, education and other aspects of a fulfilled life. The study finds that inadequate infrastructure and security arrangements, a gender-neutral approach by administrators and policymakers, social attitudes towards women and girls, and a lack of awareness among the general population about the impacts of sexual harassment on women’s and girl’s lives, are some of the major reasons why dramatic levels of harassment on public transport have gone unnoticed and perhaps increased.

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Geographic coverage: Pakistan

Subject area(s): Ending violence against women and girls

Resource type: Assessments

Publication year: 2018

Number of pages: 144