Seminar Report – Gender Responsive Alternative Dispute Resolution

Seminar Report – Gender Responsive Alternative Dispute Resolution

As the formal justice system in Timor-Leste develops to meet the needs of the population, many disputes and conflicts continue to be resolved outside of the formal system, using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as customary justice, mediation or arbitration.

The Ministry of Justice, recognizing the importance of ADR in accessing justice, is working on draft legislation related to informal justice processes and has received support from the Ministry of Justice in Japan. The Ministry of Interior, under the Community Conflict Prevention Directorate, is currently developing guidelines for their conflict mediators, to provide guidance on the process. This report provides an overview of a December 2017 seminar convening over 70 Government, civil society representatives, mediators, National Police (PNTL) and local leaders to discuss ADR mechanisms and how they can benefit women and men more equitably. Guest speakers from Cambodia and Japan provided insights into the interaction between formal and informal justice system and its impact from a gender perspective.

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