Gender-related impacts of evictions of internally-displaced persons and destructions of informal settlements – focus on Badghis

Gender in Humanitarian Action Working Group, Afghanistan

2022 was marked by increased pressure from the De facto Authorities (DfA) in Afghanistan to accelerate the return of families who fled conflict and natural disasters over the past years to their place of origin. In the first two weeks of December 2022, the DfA took steps to dismantle 8 informal settlements and infrastructures in Badghis, home to approximately 2,800 displaced families. Just under 20,000 individuals saw their shelter destroyed and were forcibly asked to return to their areas of origin on 15 December. This Gender Alert maps gender trends and recommendations in connection to the evictions of internally displaced persons and the destruction of informal settlements in Badghis. It has been developed by the Gender in Humanitarian Action (GiHA) Working Group and the Women Advisory Group (WAG) to the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) in Afghanistan and is based on updates, information and reports received from women organizations and humanitarian actors, including in the Badghis province, Western Region of Afghanistan.

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