The Annual UN Women China Newsletter 2022: Solidarity Sustains Our Drive To Advance Women’s Rights


The year of 2022 has posed many hardships from the continued spread of COVID-19 and measures to stop it. Yet solidarity and support for realizing women’s rights never wavered in China. UN Women forged ahead through collective efforts and partnerships. We are proud to share some of our best results from 2022, knowing these are the foundation for much more to come in 2023.

The current moment is one of the multiple crises everywhere. On top of the pandemic, the climate emergency is escalating. Prices have climbed and more people struggle to find enough food and fuel. Our world is sharply divided. All these challenges have specific consequences for women and girls and are driving a generational reversal in gains on women’s rights. Without Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, we cannot achieve the SDGs more broadly. We have an enormous and urgent task ahead to move back on course towards a fair and equal world.

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