A Toolkit for Operating Markets


This toolkit for operating local markets draws on observations made over ten years, during which UN Women has worked with market vendors, market managers, local government personnel, and others to identify problems and develop solutions for operating local markets.

The valuable contributions of these people are acknowledged, and it would not have been possible to prepare this toolkit without them. This work has identified many appropriate initiatives being undertaken in different localities, as well as evidence about pitfalls to be avoided, and there is now an opportunity to pool this practical experience and promote good practice.

This toolkit does not provide a one-size-fits-all model for market operations but rather provides a range of potential solutions that can be adapted to meet local needs. The contents of the toolkit have been road tested with market vendors and market managers to make sure that the proposals are well grounded in what can actually be achieved.

The toolkit may be adopted by market owners or market managers as a framework for their own local market operations. However, it may also be a useful reference for government agencies and development partners providing assistance for improvements to local markets.

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