Call Sathi: Directory of Agencies Extending (Support, Assistance, Technical Help, And Information) to Survivors Of Gender-Based Violence


Women and children who experience violence and discrimination need various support services, particularly in crisis situations. Unfortunately, it is a common challenge for them to identify the right channel to access support services.  There are numerous organizations, government-run One-Stop Centers, Shelter Homes, and Mahila Thana in Uttar Pradesh that provide the services of Shelter, Psycho-Social Counseling, Legal Aid, or run Helplines, but information about them is not easily available and tends to be limited.

To respond to this need, UN Women in partnership with the Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives Trust (AALI) has bridged this gap by developing this “Resource Directory” and bringing together information about the availability of the services (of Shelter, Psycho-Social Counseling, Legal Aid, or  Helplines) in a handy format that women and children can keep with themselves at all times. The Directory is an effort to provide easy access to information and assistance to women, children, and organizations working with them. The Directory provides details of Non-governmental organizations and Governmental Agencies (One-Stop Centers, Superintendent of Police, Mahila Thana, Government-run Shelter Homes, and District Probation Officers) that provide support services to women in crisis situations. The Directory also lists agencies that provide emergency response services.

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