Gender Responsive Governance & Women's Political Empowerment

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  • Legislation and governance in China needs to be more gender-responsive and include women's voices and experiences.
  • Without women’s voices, legislation including the national budget will perpetuate gender inequality.
  • Women want and need to make the decisions that affect them, their families, communities and country.
  • We aim to reverse this situation by promoting gender-responsive governance and women's participation in decision making processes.
  • We are committed to building women's capacities to claim their rights, as well as training legislators and decision makers to be more gender-sensitive in their work.
  • We work with government, civil society and other partners to advance more inclusive and effective forms of governance at all levels of society.

UN Women Action

Promoting women’s political participation in China

Promoting the participation of women in decision making at both national and local levels is a central priority for UN Women and an area of focus for the Chinese government. UN Women, through its Fund for Gender Equality (or in the framework of the Fund For Gender Equality grant-making process),  has partnered with the All-China Women’s Federation to undertake activities promoting both oversight and impact of Chinese women’s political participation under the ‘Equal Political Participation for Chinese Women’ programme. Activities focus on sharing of experiences within the region, capacity building on reporting on progress made towards international agreements on participation as well as how to reflect gender in national budgets, plans and programmes. The aim of the programme  is to support the government in achieving its goals on women’s political participation and enhancing abilities to reflect gender awareness in future decision making processes.