Caroline Nyamayemombe, UN Women

Caroline Nyamayemombe
Caroline Nyamayemombe. Photo: UN Women/Thao Hoang

Caroline Nyamayemombe is a Zimbabwean with over twenty years of work experience in the United Nations system, specifically working with the United Nations Population Fund (2002-2015) and UN Women (2015 to date). Caroline has been appointed the UN Women Country Representative in Vietnam with effect from January 2024. Her professional career spans over different capacities of programme design and implementation, inter-agency coordination, policy advice, management and leadership. She has served in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Regional offices of East and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa and Papua New Guinea. Key highlights of her contribution to development, peace and humanitarian work include leading the support to the Southern Africa Development Cooperation (SADC) sponsored CSW Resolution 60/2 on Women, Girls and HIV and AIDS; coordinating the GBV response in South Sudan’s L3 emergency, leading the roll out of Zimbabwe’s National HIV prevention Behaviour Change Strategy which significantly contributed to the HIV decline witnessed in Zimbabwe’s AIDS epidemic around 2008; setting up of Zimbabwe’s first decentralized one stop centre for GBV services at subnational level; supporting women survivors of domestic violence affected by HIV; mentoring and coaching her work colleagues to pursue their dreams. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and Geology and a Masters in Population Studies, both degrees from the University of Zimbabwe and several post graduate qualifications in leadership and management. She is married to Ernest and they have two sons and one daughter. In addition to her passion for gender equality and women’s empowerment, Caroline loves farming, music and dance.