UN Women Pakistan Newsletter Special Issue - October 2013


Inside this Special issue:

  1. “I Believe in Voting”
  2. Women’s Political Participation
  3. Tum Pakistan ki Beti Ho
  4. Advancing Civic and Voter Education
  5. Your Identity Counts
  6. Physically Challenged Voters Lead the Pursuit for Equality
  7. Tribal Men have Spoken… “Our Women will Vote”
  8. Engaging and Mobilizing Minorities
  9. Youth as roaming CVE messengers
  10. Including Women as Electoral Administrators
  11. Promises to Deliver on: Political Party Manifestos and Women Leaders
  12. Counting the Invisible Voter
  13. E-Day and a Demographic Analysis
  14. Moving the ‘Electoral Cycle’ Forward
  15. My Thoughts…. Our Future

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