Violence Against Women in Politics


A study conducted in India, Nepal and Pakistan

This study explores the connections between violence and discrimination against women, Women’s political participation and political violence per se. It is an important body of knowledge for understanding the extent of VAWIP in these three countries of South Asia as well as the attitudes of community members to it. Providing an insight into the perpetrators of this violence and why they are committing it, it focuses on the effect of this violence on women politicians, voters and activists and the impact this has on women’s political participation. Therefore, the rationale behind this study is to build a greater understanding of VAWIP by:

  1. Identifying its nature and form
  2. Analysing people’s attitude to VAWIP and the reasons why people perpetrate VAWIP
  3. Identifying the distinguishing characteristics of both the perpetrators and victims of this violence
  4. Assessing the extent and impact of VAWIP
  5. Identifying ways in which VAWIP may be prevented.

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Geographic coverage: India Nepal Pakistan
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