Gender Trade and Green Growth Volume II


In Volume II of this report, we present detailed analysis of four industries/sectors that are regarded as green or ‘close to green’. This includes an analysis of the horticulture and agro processing industry in Bangladesh; agro processing in Bhutan; renewable energy and organic horticulture in India; and ecotourism in Nepal. The focus in each study is to examine the pattern of women’s employment in the relevant sector using information gathered directly from the fi eld and from organizations - government and non-government – working on women’s economic empowerment. The case studies were undertaken at the country level but included site visits to factories and farms across the four South Asian countries, inter-viewing over 125 people working in the green sectors. The fi ndings from the analysis of these interviews and sector specifi c analysis in the countries are presented in this volume. While the researchers were individually responsible for the contents of their case studies, the alignment of the research with the larger research project was the responsibility of UN Women...

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