Regional consultation on the role of key stakeholders in Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls in Asia

Emma Day

The paper highlights the legal gap that still exist in violence against women in Asia that lead to create a culture of impunity in which the perpetrator go unpunished by reinforcing a message that he will not be held accountable for his action. Challenges in implementing human rights law in order to make rights to women and girls not meaningless still need to be endeavored in all the Asian countries. The lack of adequate laws and structure to safeguard witnesses and ensure their security, as well as the lack of adequate legal or gender awareness training for judges is one the cause for impunity and is an acute problem for domestic violence cases. At the end of the consultation participants from the 17 countries drafted a one year plan to improve access to justice in cases involving violence against women and girls.

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Geographic coverage: Asia and the Pacific
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