Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Lesbians, Bisexual Women, Transgender and Intersex Persons

Athena Nguyen

This paper highlights the unique discriminations and exclusions lesbians, bisexual women, transgender and intersex persons (LBTI) face as well as the challenging issue that gender and sexual diversity remains. The Report is based on the proceedings of the 2016 Regional Consultation on Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Lesbians, Bisexual women, transgender and intersex Persons jointly convened by UN Women Regional office for Asia and Pacific in partnership with Outright Action international and in collaboration with UNDP and UNAIDS, through the Canada-funded Regional Programme on Improving women’s rights in South East Asia.

Despite changes in national legislations and policies, such as the abolition of a ban on same-sex marriages in Viet Nam, the recognition of a third gender within official identity documents in Nepal, or the inclusion of the LBT women in Cambodia’s National Plan of Action to Prevent Violence Against Women 2014-2018, fear and anxiety against LBTI remain. They are often discriminated and excluded from their families and their communities. LBTI community and individuals also face deep seated stereotypes rooted into the cultural and social norms. Fear and anxiety against sexual and gender diversity remains.

The paper draws on the diverse experiences and expertise shared by the participants of the Regional Consultation and discuss entry points for advancing the rights and the well-being of LBTI people that will create changes in the society by reducing inequity based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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