The capacity of Cyclone Preparedness Programme and Flood Preparedness Programme volunteers for gender -inclusive preparedness and response

UN Women Bangladesh

This study, conducted in April-May 2017, sought to understand the current capacity of volunteers engaged in disaster management, particularly those working for the cyclone and flood preparedness programmes in Bangladesh. It also seeks to establish their institutional arrangements for gender-responsive community preparedness and response to mitigate the challenges of catastrophic cyclones, floods and earthquakes.

Over the last four decades, volunteers have helped to save thousands of lives and properties in Bangladesh and this unique initiative is well recognized and lauded by the global disaster risk reduction community. However, their role in delivering the gender equality agenda in disaster management is yet to be examined. The purpose of this study is to establish the knowledge levels of the cyclone and flood preparedness programme volunteers about gender-differentiated needs in disaster preparedness and emergency response and to identify effective strategies to strengthen their capacity.

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