Towards Safe Migration For Aspiring Women Domestic Workers

India Centre for Migration and UN Women

India is one of the largest countries of origin, transit and destination for international migrants. A majority of Indian migrants in the Emigration Check Required category go to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Over the years, there has been an increasing trend of feminization of migration in the country, with women now accounting for 49 per cent of all migrants from India. Within this framework, domestic work is the largest sector driving international female labour migration. Migrant Women Domestic Workers face a range of concerns and are often at risk of exploitation, abuse and violence throughout the migration cycle, including human rights violations such as: sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and abuse; and unjust and exploitative working conditions.

This brochure aims to provide readers with the necessary information required for undertaking safe and legal migration and living and working, free from discrimination, exploitation, and abuse.


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