Progress Review and the Way Forward: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia

the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Asia Partnership (IAP Stakeholder Group on Gender Issues

In the region, the Asia Regional Plan for Implementation of the Sendai Framework’ adopted at the AMCDRR 2016 set in place targets for implementation of the Sendai Framework commitments. The ‘Guidance Note: Gender Inclusion and Women’s Empowerment at the Centre of Resilience Building: Operationalising the Asia Regional Plan’, on essential actions to be taken to ensure the integration of gender and diversity issues in the two year action plan (2017-2018) was developed to support the Asia Regional Plan. The progress review undertook to look at the progress achieved, the main constraints and challenges since the adoption of the Asia Regional Plan and the Gender Guidance Note (November 2016), in order to provide recommendations for the next two year segment of implementing the Asia Regional Plan (2018-2020).

Information for the progress review was collected through two questionnaires sent to representative governments of the ISDR Asia Partnership (IAP) and to the organizations in the Gender Stakeholder Group. Questionnaires were based on the recommended actions, targets and monitoring criteria stated in the Guidance Note. The analysis was based on inputs provided by a representative sample of 10 national governments and 12 non-State agencies including CSOs, the UN and the Red Cross movement and supported by secondary sources on the subject.

This review was carried out by Duryog Nivaran, UN Women and ADPC with the support of the ISDR Asia Partnership’s Stakeholder Group of Organisations and Individuals concerned with Gender and Women’s Issues (Gender Stakeholder Group).

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