UN Women Asia and the Pacific Annual Report 2017-2018

UN Women Asia and the Pacific Annual Report 2017-2018

As this annual report repeatedly demonstrates, UN Women is well positioned in the region to help link people and issues, and catalyse lasting results towards the globally agreed goal of achieving gender equality by 2030. Our triple mandate means we are a trusted advocate of internationally agreed norms, an effective implementer of innovative and transformative programmes, and a leader in mobilizing broader UN action on gender equality. Through diverse partnerships and networks, we accelerate progress, leveraging longstanding ties with governments and civil society advocates, and growing relationships with the worlds of business, media, sports and the arts.

Without gender equality, our collective ambition for sustainable development will falter, not just for women, but for everyone. At UN Women, we support and create spaces for women and men around the region who are determined to realize a different future– one where all women, without exception, are able to realize their rights and full potential, freed from the constraints of discrimination. Together, we are on the move to make that vision a reality.

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