EmPower’s Work on Renewables

EmPower’s Work on Renewables

In the Asia-Pacific region, climate change and climate-induced disasters continue to ravage the lives and livelihoods of over 4 billion people. Increasingly dependent on natural resources, communities relying on agriculture, forestry, fisheries are at the frontlines of climate change. Polluting fossil fuels, often sources of energy, contribute to almost 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, nearly 1 billion people lack access to electricity and nearly 3 billion people still rely on traditional fuels, wood, charcoal, kerosene etc for energy, many of them women who rely on these options for domestic needs. While rapid technological advancements, growing awareness, depreciating unit costs, strong commitments from governments and enabling policies are ensuring a transition to renewable energy, such policies, projects and investments have largely been gender-blind.

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