16 Essentials for Quality Multisectoral Service Provision to Women Migrant Workers Subject to Violence


Safe and Fair: Realizing women migrant workers’ rights and opportunities in the ASEAN region (2018-2022)” is part of the multi-year EU-UN Spotlight Initiative to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls. The programme is implemented by the ILO and UN Women, in collaboration with UNODC, and aims to reduce women migrant workers’ vulnerabilities to violence and trafficking and increase their access to coordinated and responsive quality services. This brief identifies 16 essentials that need to be in place to ensure a coordinated quality response to violence against women migrant workers. This brief is primarily meant for service providers to women migrant workers in countries of destination. Where applicable, the brief will elaborate on the roles of service providers in countries of origin (pre-departure of women migrant workers or upon return).

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