Harassment at the Workplace Toolkit


Understanding Sexual Harassment, Legal Provisions Roles of Duty Bearers & Rights Holders

This is an easy-to-understand toolkit that has been developed with the aim to enhance awareness and knowledge about harassment and sexual harassment. More specifically, it is a toolkit to get to know antiharassment concepts, normative frameworks/ instruments as well as procedures for creating a safe working environment for all, in accordance with the laws in Pakistan. The toolkit will also be used for information dissemination and it can be helpful in supporting effective implementation of the law, as most of the legal provisions are often not implemented due to lack of information of the duty bearers as well as the victim.

The specific objectives of this toolkit are to enhance understanding of:

  • Duty Bearers – regarding their role in the provision of safe working environment for women, men, and transgenders and for the implementation of Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010.
  • Trainers, within the Departments/ Organizations – for imparting knowledge to the Inquiry Committees and training staff.
  • Complainants – regarding how to file and pursue their case effectively.
  • Everyone – about the issue of sexual harassment, legal provisions and their implementation, loopholes and challenges.

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  4. Balochistan – English (PDF, 4.9 Mb)

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