In the shadows of the pandemic: The gendered impact of covid-19 on rohingya and host communities

The impact of COVID-19 on the Rohingya and host communities has exacerbated existing discrimination and inequalities. Women and girls face an increase in unpaid care work, greater protection risks in and out of their homes and more mental health issues, while simultaneously being less able to access lifesaving services and support. Vulnerable groups and those that were already marginalized and excluded have all faced greater challenges and risks. Understanding these impacts is crucial to ensuring a response that does not leave the most vulnerable behind. These findings and resulting recommendations are discussed in the new report ‘In the Shadows of the Pandemic: The Gendered Impact of COVID-19 on Rohingya and Host Communities’, released by the ISCG Gender Hub, in collaboration with ACAPS-NPM Analysis Hub, Care, Oxfam and UN Women.

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Geographic coverage: Bangladesh

Subject area(s): Gender equality and women’s empowerment; COVID-19; Crisis response and recovery

Resource type: Research and programme; Assessments

Publication year: 2020

Number of pages: 60