Women Leaders in Gender Lens Investing

40 women leaders empowering women in Indonesian entrepreneurship ecosystem

40 women leaders empowering women in Indonesian entrepreneurship ecosystem

Along with the growing conversation around gender lens investment (GLI), there is a common perception that GLI concept is a niche practice of women investing in women to achieve equal access to capital.However, GLI practice is so much more than this.

Gender Lens Investing triggers passionate discussions around the benefits of gender diversity within an organisation, the need for more women in decision making including as fund managers, and even how men have been and should be fully part of the discussion.

GLI also emphasises the leadership role beyond investors and entrepreneurs; from policy makers, accelerators, influencers, corporates to social media influencers who are promoting the vision of gender inclusion and diversity.

UN Women and Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN) are glad to share the latest publication spotlighting 40 women leaders shaping gender lens investing practice in Indonesia.

We are sure this report will support any organisations and individuals to drive better decisions in supporting the Women’s Economic Empowerment.

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