WA2J Quarterly Brief issue 1 (2021)

WA2J Quarterly Brief issue 1 (2021)

In this issue of the WA2J Quarterly Brief, we highlight the project initiatives in the first quarter of 2021 under the project titled Enhancing Women’s Access to Justice in Asia Pacific. The brief includes articles about community-based justice mechanisms and the application of international women’s rights standards in Indonesia, about a judicial dialogue in Sri-Lanka, information on gender responsive mediation in Timor-Leste, as well as initiatives to provide justice for women in conflict with the law in the Philippines. It also provides a glimpse of our work with Nepali grassroots organizations who received financial support from that country’s Justice Fund to continue their work during the COVID crisis. And it also shines a light on the project’s regional work with women journalists.

The programme Enhancing Access to Justice for Women in Asia and the Pacific: Bridging the gap between formal and informal systems through women’s empowerment aims to make justice accessible for women by strengthen the formal justice system and to create an enabling environment for justice seekers by working with CSOs, women human rights defenders, and community-based justice mechanisms, as well as initiating regional, national and community dialogues to establish a protective environment for women.

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