Risks of Violence against Women in the Labour Migration Cycle and Services that Need to be in Place throughout the Migration Cycle

Authors/editor(s): ILO and UN Women

Women who migrate for work contribute greatly to stronger societies and economies in both their countries of origin and their countries of destination. For many, the decision to work abroad involves prioritizing their families’ welfare over their own personal comfort and desires. Women generally have fewer options than men for regular migration, and are often employed in lower paid, informal sectors with few, if any, labour protections. This unfortunately puts them at a heightened risk of violence, abuse and exploitation, including trafficking at different points of the migration cycle. The infographics capture the risks of violence against women migrant workers in the migration cycle and the services that should be in place to support women migrant workers subject to violence.

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Geographic coverage: Asia and the Pacific

Subject area(s): Ending violence against women and girls; Economic empowerment; Migration; Employment

Resource type: Infographics; Briefs

Publication year: 2021

Number of pages: 2