Brief on Four years of collaboration between UN Women and UNODC to achieve long standing results


Human trafficking is an issue that transcends national borders. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by this crime. Although research shows that increasing the number of women in law enforcement results in law enforcement that is more responsive to women’s needs and more operationally effective, women represent a small share of law enforcement officers in the ASEAN Region ranging from 6% in Indonesia to 20% in Lao PDR. In 2017, UN Women and UNODC set out to jointly mitigate these challenges, leading up to a four-year partnership between the agencies. 

Throughout the joint programme Enhancing Women’s Role in Law Enforcement and Border Security to Prevent Trafficking in Persons and Transnational Organized Crime in the ASEAN Region, UN Women and UNODC have made important contributions to strengthen knowledge and awareness on gender-responsive and survivor-centered approaches to empower survivors of human trafficking, and on the importance of increasing women’s participation and leadership across law enforcement bodies. Learn more about the key achievements of the programme in this brief.

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