RE-Envision Resilience Virtual Photobook

RE-Envision Resilience Virtual Photobook

The UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has been jointly implementing the project entitled EmPower: Women for Climate Resilient Societies with the UN Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific since 2018. Funded by the Swedish International Development Agency, the project aims to contribute to the implementation of climate change and disaster risk reduction actions in Asia and the Pacific that address the key drivers of gender-based vulnerabilities while enhancing human rights.

  • The Re-Envision Resilience Virtual Photobook walk us along pictures of real-life women climate champions. re powerful individuals in their own right, each with her own story. The Photobook was developed by the EmPower team that aims to amplify nine stories of those inspirational champions who have made change in their home and communities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Viet Nam.
  • In the three pilot countries of EmPower, we’ve found gender and climate champions who have catalyzed change in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Viet Nam. These visionaries can be a source of inspiration for others to take urgent action in addressing climate change, promoting gender equality, and ensuring inclusive recovery.
  • The Photobook aims to show and raise awareness about the importance of women’s leadership in climate action and to highlight the work that women climate champions are doing while living through a double crisis: disasters and the pandemic.

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