Overview of the Regional Framework Towards Peaceful, Inclusive Societies: Advancing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and Inclusive Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region (2023-2027)


Over the past 20 years, countries in Asia and the Pacific region have made notable progress in furthering the women, peace, and security (WPS) agenda. However, critical gaps remain between the ambitions expressed by international commitments and the actual political will and financial support given to WPS efforts. Moreover, the nature of conflict and its drivers have shifted; the gender dimensions of non-traditional security risks, including climate change, cybersecurity, and violent extremism, pose new challenges that require innovative responses and solutions. Further, women have struggled to participate and lead in governance and all levels of decision-making processes for decades. The Asia-Pacific region has some of the lowest rates of women’s representation in parliaments in the world, with 21.0 per cent in Asia and 6.5 per cent in the Pacific Islands. Gender inequality in the region translates into weaknesses in existing governance systems and contributes to a deepening trust crisis between people and the institutions that serve them, with many feeling left behind and no longer confident that the system is working for them.

Drawing on two decades of lessons learned and coalition building, UN Women will continue to build the evidence base on WPS and inclusive governance, particularly on emerging issues, and to leverage good practices to deliver change. In partnership with the Governments of Australia and the Republic of Korea, UN Women developed a five-year Regional Framework Towards Inclusive and Peaceful Societies, outlining strategies to tackle the most pressing governance and peace and security challenges across the Asia-Pacific region. This brief summarizes key approaches under the framework.

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