Legal handbook: Laws against Domestic violence in Tamil Nadu


A Guide for Survivors and Practitioners

The legal system has made significant strides in supporting women facing domestic violence in the last two decades. The enactment of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in 2005 was an essential moment, providing a more comprehensive framework to address various forms of abuse within homes. Additionally, laws concerning dowry prohibition and criminal offenses like rape have been amended to increase penalties for offenders.

However, the major challenge has been a lack of awareness of the laws before or while accessing informal or formal support. Some survivors are known to have heard or learn about the laws through newspapers or articles online. Many stay on and endure the violence believing in myths or misinformation about losing child custody or having retaliatory cases filed on them by the perpetrators.

To respond to this, UN Women in partnership with International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC), have developed a handbook for Laws against Domestic violence in Tamil Nadu: A Guide for Survivors and Practitioners.

This handbook serves as a resource for survivors of domestic violence to understand their legal rights and provides clarity on relevant legal aspects. It also serves as a valuable resource for professionals such as lawyers, social workers, law enforcement, and organizations dedicated to women's rights. The instrument is organized into six key sections and covers key legal areas like domestic violence protection, matrimonial reliefs, dowry prohibition, remedies for other crimes against women, criminal procedures, and international protections.

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