“Unstoppable Women” The Afghan Women’s Movement

“Unstoppable Women” The Afghan Women’s Movement

Stories of loss reverberate throughout Afghanistan. But there is also hope even in the face of such loss. Afghan women don’t accept the restrictions imposed on their right to learn, work, and have a voice. Afghan women will not give up. They are unstoppable.

UN Women Afghanistan commissioned this illustrated booklet, co-produced by Afghan women, to bring to life Afghan women’s powerful advocacy and incredible resilience in the most oppressive circumstances. UN Women is supporting Afghan women in every way, elevating their voices, priorities, and recommendations, funding the services they so desperately need, and supporting their businesses and organizations.

With interviews from four advocates across the movement speaking out on behalf of millions who cannot, Afghan women call for solidarity with their unstoppable resistance – and international action. Their words are matched by powerful illustrations depicting the myriad challenges, and brave resistance, of Afghan women.

Written by Fatima Faizi with Emily Oliver (BeyondTextOrg) and Anna Ridout, and co-produced alongside Afghan female advocates Nazia, Naheed Farid, Lalah Osmany and Negina Yari. Illustrations are by Shehzil Malik.

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