Hum: When Women Lead


In collaboration with the Ford Foundation, UN Women India presents 'Hum: When Women Lead' — an anthology of 75 stories of women's leadership from across India and sectors.

हम | Hum: When Women Lead is dedicated to demonstrating the many facets of women who lead in India, abundant with stories that exemplify the resilience, creativity, and unwavering spirit of 75 women who overcame societal barriers, addressed pressures of cultural norms and expectations, and persevered despite discrimination. These stories are as much about their challenges as their competence, potential, and significant achievements. They demonstrate the diverse talents of women leaders and make a compelling case for gender equality and a more equitable society.

So what happens when women lead? As you meet women profiled in हम, a few facets of women’s leadership are confirmed:

  • They create innovative solutions grounded in local contexts and needs;
  • They foster inclusive decision-making processes, amplifying marginalized voices;
  • They transcend personal gains and become catalysts for building resilient communities;
  • They push for the long haul and sustainable development;
  • They deploy empathy and conflict resolution skills to enhance cohesion and morale;
  • They cultivate networks, charting a path for future generations of women leaders.

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