List of Helplines

If you are experiencing abuse, call a crisis helpline or local organization listed below. If you are helping someone, call a helpline to seek professional guidance, encourage the individual to seek support, listen without judgment and respect the individual’s privacy.

Country Helpline Number Name of Organization Description/Details
Bangladesh 109 Government helpline number for Violence against women/ prevention of child marriage Multi sectoral referral and psychosocial support; This is the main helpline number to call and has been/being circulated nationwide
Bangladesh 999 National Emergency Hotline Number Immediate services to police and hospitals
Bangladesh 333 National Hotline Number Immediate reports/help for any social problems from enquiring after COVID 19 to child marriage and sexual harassment cases
Bangladesh 10921 National helpline center for violence against women Immediate service to victims and links up to relevant agencies: doctors, counselors, lawyers, DNA experts, police officers 
Bangladesh 01779554391/ 01779554392 Kaan Pete Roi Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 01688709965/01688709966
Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 1985275286
Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 1852035634
Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 1517969150
Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 1776632344 Moner Bondhu Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 9678771511; 0177 7771515 (9 am-5 pm); Sajida Foundation Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 9612600600 Dosh Unisher Mor Helpdesk for GBV/SRHR/psychosocial support Mental Health & Psychosocial helpline
Bangladesh 01724415677 (9 am-5pm) Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) Legal assistance, emergency shelter and mental healthcare
Bangladesh 01714048418 (SRHR); 01771 444666 (legal) Bandhu Social Welfare Society (In collaboration with Ministry of Social Welfare) Psychosocial support as well as guideline for SRHR and legal aspects
Bangladesh 01880081111 (24/7 Helpline)based in Cox's Bazar Friendship Bangladesh Advices on primary healthcare, SGBV and psychosocial support
Bangladesh 01888066747 (For Chittagong Region, including Cox’s Bazar district); 01869859757 (For Dhaka and rest of the districts) Action Against Hunger (ACF BD) Psychosocial support and case management
Cambodia 1280 Helpline number This line is for counseling and referral for GBV services and is operated by Child Helpline Cambodia.
Cambodia +855 23 997967 Cambodian Women Crisis Center Shelter - 8:00am-5:00pm;
China +86 110 Police Hotline Overall police hotline; police is one of the primary duty bearer of DV prevention and response in China and may issue warning letters to DV perpetrators
China  +86 12338 All China Women's Federation Hotline Referral to DV/GBV service providers; overall DV/GBV services, including psycho-social support and shelters
China +86 17701242202 +86 15901337457 Beijing Yuanzhong Family and Community Development Service Centre Legal assistance, referral, psycho-social support, financial aid, temporary shelter
China +86 10 84831639, +86 10 84833270 Beijing Qianqian Law Firm Legal assistance, referral, psycho-social support
China +86 15117905157 Equality Women's Rights and Interest Hotline Overall psycho-social support to DV/GBV victims, case management, referral, awareness raising for impact litigations
China +86 4001166308 Rainbow Ending Violence Center Overall GBV prevention and response for LGBTIQ communities
Fiji 1560 Fiji National Domestic Violence 24-hour toll-free helpline
Fiji 1325 Child Helpline Fiji 24-hour toll-free
Hong Kong 18281 CEASE Crisis Centre 24/7; Part of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals;
Hong Kong 8100 1155 Po Leung Kuk Refuge Centres for Women Services included: 24-hour hotline and admission service, counseling, case management, daily life supportive services, after-care services, mutual help group for women and community education.
India 1091/1090 Women's Helpline ( All India ) and Women In Distress
India 181 Women Helpline (WCD)
India 100 Police
India 011-011-26944880, 26944515, 26944890, National Commission For Women (NCW)
India (+91) 7217735372 National Commission For Women (NCW) Whatsapp only
India 011-23378044 / 23378317 / 23370597 Delhi Commission For Women
India 011-27034873 , 27034874 Outer Delhi Helpline
India 1098 Childline/Student / Child Helpline
India 9372048501; 9920241248; 8369799513 Email: iCALL-Initiating Concern for All (Pan India) Email: CHAT: nULTA app
India 1 800 102 7282; 044 43111143; 9840888882 (Whatsapp) International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) 24/7 Helpline
Indonesia +6281 3176 17622; email: P2TP2A (Integrated Services for Women and Child Protection) Jakarta Accessible 24/7. Only for Jakarta citizens
Indonesia 112 hotline It links to Indonesian Police and P2TP2A Jakarta and can be accessed 24/7
Indonesia +62 811-1922-024 Dr. Boge Priyo Nugroho (Jakarta) (Tarakan Hospital Based Crisis Center for GBV)
Indonesia help renakta Women and Child Service Unit (UPPA) Badan Reserse Kriminal (Bareskim) Indonesian Police Hotline This is an app launched last year. Can be downloaded from google play store. It contains some features, including panic button and GPS that can locate victims and link them to a police station nearby
Indonesia Hotline: +62 821 2575 1234; Email: ; Website: Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, National, it connects you to nearest P2TP2A in your area and can be accessed 24/7
Indonesia Hotline: 1500 771 Ministry of Social Affairs National
Indonesia Hotline: + 6221 390 3922; Email: National Commission on Violence against Women National, can be accessed 24/7
Indonesia +62 813 8882 2669 (WhatsApp) ; Email: Legal Aid Organisation for Women Victims of Violence (LBH APIK) Jakarta
Indonesia +62 811 943 6633; e-counseling: Yayasan Pulih
Women's Human Rights Institute of Korea
Korea 02-2263-6464 Korea Women's Hotline
Kiribati  191 Kiribati Women and Children Support Centre Counselling, advocacy, and psycho-social support including legal advice, case management, supporting women in court, referral to hospital, police, social welfare and crisis centre, manage victim support funds for survivors
Kiribati 192 Police (DVSO)
Ministry of Health
Lao PDR  1362 Lao Women's Union
Malaysia 6018 988 8058 Women's Aid Organisation Whatsapp
Malaysia 603 7956 3488 Women's Aid Organisation Hotline
Mongolia 976-96490505 National Centre Against Violence (NCAV) Women's shelter
Myanmar  067 3 404 222 Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement 24 hrs Hotline (One Stop Service Centres)
Myanmar 067 3 404 999 Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement 24 hrs Hotline (One Stop Service Centres)
Nepal  1145 National Women Commission
Nepal  16600102005 TPO Nepal (psychosocial support) 8am-6pm
Nepal  14370160 ASHA Crisis Center
Nepal  01-5191103 and 01-5191104 (Central office number) Saathi Women's Shelter  
Pakistan 1099 Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan 24/7 National Number; WhatsApp 0333-9085709
Pakistan 0800-39393 Digital Rights Foundation (NGO) - Cyber Harassment Helpline Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Also provides support through online platforms and email:
Pakistan  1098 Madadgaar Helpline by Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (NGO) Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Can also be accessed by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, mobile app, website and over the telephone.
Pakistan 0304-111-1741 Rozan (NGO) 7 days a week, 10:00am–8:00pm
E-mail counselling is also available:
Pakistan 8090 Islamabad Police Women and Child Protection Centre Helpline
Philippines  0919 777 7377 PNP Women and Children’s Protection Center
Papua New Guinea 7150800 1Tok Kaunseline 7am - 7pm; 7 days/week
Papua New Guinea 675 7091 7031 Femili ONG Case management 9:30am-5:00pm; Monday-Friday
Samoa 800-7874 Samoa Victim Support Group 24/7; Email:
Singapore +(65) 6571-0192 Star Shelter 9am-6pm (Monday-Friday);; Member of the AWSN
Singapore  +65 6555 0390 PAVE Singapore  
Singapore 1800 777 5555 AWARE Women's Helpline Monday-Friday 10am-6pm; Services offered in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil
Singapore 6779 0282 AWARE Sexual Assault Helpline Monday-Friday 10am-10pm; Services offered in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil
Singapore 6341 5535 HOME Specialised for women migration workers but also provides services to survivors
Solomon Island 26999 (8:30am-4:30pm); 20619 (4:30pm-8am) after hours Solomon Islands’ Family Support Centre Numbers are not toll free. Women drop a call or message and they call the women back.
Sri Lanka  1938 National Women's Helpline (operated by the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs) Operating 24/7. Services are provided in all 3 languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English).
Sri Lanka  011 471 8585/ 07777 349100 Women in Need Shelter 24/7 Hotlines
Taiwan 886 2 8911 5595 Garden of Hope Foundation
Thailand 1300 One Stop Crisis Centre 24 hours; counselling, physical treatment, court and legal support; Governmental mechanism operating nationwide with thousands of centres and mobile units
Thailand 02 929 2222 Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women (APSW) 24/ 7; APSW also has messenger and Facebook: (messenger); (Facebook).
Thailand 02 513 2889 Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMPM) Mon-Fri, 9.00 – 15.00 hr Has Twitter @WomenandMenPro1 Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation:
Timor-Leste (+670)3310501 (+670) 3310219 Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) Government Institution to provide social assistance to DV victims
Timor-Leste (+670) 77004212 (+670) 78472598 (+670) 76916740 Uma Mahon FOKUPERS Women's shelter for DV cases in Dili municipality
Timor-Leste (+670) 77463907 Uma Mahon Maria Tapo Government owned women’s shelter for DV cases, operated by FOKUPERS in Maliana Municipality
Timor-Leste (+670) 77240331 Uma Mahon Pradet Women's shelter for DV cases in Baucau municipality
Timor-Leste (+670) 77268665 Uma Mahon Forum Peduli Wanita Women's shelter for DV cases in Oecusse municipality
Timor-Leste (+670) 75180403 Uma Mahon Salele Women's shelter for DV cases in Covalima municipality
Tonga  0800-444 Women and Children Crisis Centre Tonga 24/7
Vanuatu (678) 24000 Vanuatu’s Women’s Centre 24/7
Viet Nam  024 3333 55 99 Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA)
Viet Nam  1 900 96 96 80 Viet Nam Women's Union