Strengthening Women's Economic Rights

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In China today, although more women are entering the workforce, many face insecure and unsafe working conditions with few prospects for advancement. Government pledges to change the situation are hampered by economic policies and institutions that are not yet gender-responsive.

The private sector in China is an emerging partner for promoting women’s economic rights and creating inclusive and sustainable development. UN Women seeks to partner with the private sector to build new venues for economic and social empowerment of women.     

  • We work to expand economic opportunities for women, promote employment equality between men and women, eliminate economic gender disparities, and strengthen women’s rights to property and inheritance.
  • We support initiatives both at grassroots and national levels to enhance women's economic security by providing technical expertise and financial support.

UN Women Action to Strengthen Women`s Economic Security

Protecting of the rights of women domestic workers

Millions of migrant women are employed throughout China in the domestic service sector. In 2011, with the support of UN Women under the Youth, Migration and Employment (YEM) Joint Programme, the All-China Women’s Federation put forward an official proposal for a National Regulation on Domestic Service to the National Peoples’ Political and Consultative Congress. The proposal lays out the obligations and rights of employers, domestic workers and service agencies. The protection of (female) domestic workers’ rights is discussed, especially upholding minimum labor standards to ensure worker safety.  Workers are ensured a contract, training, as well as social security and insurance and are protected against employers’ violence or sexual harassment.

New opportunities for female earthquake survivors

On May 12 2008, southwest China suffered one of the most devastating earthquakes in modern history. Families living in the mountains lost their properties and livelihoods. Due to the little resources they had under the new living conditions, women were in urgent need for skills training to support their families’ survival in new home villages.

Targeting more than 1,000 women in an earthquake-hit county in Shaanxi Province, UN Women partnered with the Shaanxi Women’s Federation to empower women both economically and socially through practical, ecology-friendly skills training in animal husbandry, micro-business development and microcredit activities. As part of the project activities, women’s groups have been established, through which women also received training in leadership skills. This has further strengthened their confidence and capacities needed for social and political participation and empowered them within their communities.