Facts & Figures

  • Based on prevalence surveys in some countries in the Asian region, nearly half of the women have experienced physical and sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner.
  • According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of India; 89,546 cases of cruelty by husband and relatives; 21,397 cases of rape; 11,009 cases of sexual harassment and 5,650 cases of dowry harassment were reported in India during the year 2009.
    Source: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) India, 2009
  • According to a survey in two countries of the South Asia region, 39% of men and women in India think that it is sometimes or always justifiable for a man to beat his wife.
    Source: Progress of World’s Women: Access to Justice, 2011-12, UN Women
  • New laws to combat violence: Out of 9 countries in South Asia, 5 countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) have in existence a legislation against sexual harassment. Only 4 countries (Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) have laws to prohibit domestic violence. Global data shows that where laws are in place against domestic violence, its prevalence is lower and fewer people think it is acceptable.
    Source: Progress of World’s Women: Access to Justice, 2011-12, UN Women
  • A national survey in Madives on “Women’s Health and Life Experiences” showed that 1 in 3 Maldivian women aged between 15-49 reported experiencing sime form of physical or sexual violence at least once during their lifetime.
    Source: http://minivannews.com/files/2010/10/Maldives-Study-on-Womens-Health-and-Life-Experiences-2007.pdf