Promoting Women's Political Participation: A MONITORING GUIDE

Mona Krook with support from All China Women’s Federation, Fund for Gender Equality and UN Women

This Monitoring Guide was developed in accordance with the third objective, with the goal of outlining international best practices and elaborating a set of criteria for how the ACWF and other actors might monitor developments in women’s political participation in China.

After providing a short introduction to the current state of women’s political participation in China, the Guide presents a four-stage model of political recruitment (eligible --> aspirant --> candidate --> elected) that identifies three key transitions: from citizens who are eligible to run to those who aspire to run for political office (the ‘supply’ of potential candidates); from citizens who aspire to those who are nominated to run for political office (the ‘demand’ from candidate selectors); and from citizens who are nominated to those who are elected (the ‘demand’ from voters on election day)....

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