Gender Equality Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

A snapshot of UN Women’s Increasing Community Resilience through the Advancement of Women to Address Climate Change and Natural Hazards (IREACH) programme delivered by the Fiji Multi-Country Office. Covering 14 Pacific countries and territories, the programme is designed to ensure that Pacific women become full, equal partners in, and beneficiaries of, all disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, as well as overall sustainable development.

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Geographic coverage: Cook Islands; Micronesia, Federated States of; Fiji; Kiribati; Nauru; Niue; Papua New Guinea; Marshall Islands; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Tokelau; Tonga; Tuvalu; Vanuatu

Subject area(s): Ending violence against women and girls; Disaster risk reduction

Resource type: Briefs

Publication year: 2016

Number of pages: 4