Gender Alert on COVID-19 in Afghanistan | Issue XIII: The impact of COVID-19 on Girls, Adolescent Girls and Young Women


UN Women, UNICEF and UNFPA jointly issue this thirteenth alert to continue to highlight the gender specific impacts of COVID-19 in Afghanistan. This alert focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Afghanistan’s youth: girls, adolescent girls and young women. It shows how girls, adolescent girls and young women, who constitute an essential and growing part of the population, are particularly affected by the impact of COVID-19, and how their needs may not be met during the COVID-19 crisis, because of the exacerbation of pre-existing age and gender inequalities, vulnerabilities and gaps related to age- appropriate and gender-responsive plans and services.

This alert concludes with a set of recommendations for consideration by national and international stakeholders.

This Gender Alert is part of the “UN Women Afghanistan Gender Alert on COVID-19 series".

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