Training Modules on Gender and Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia

Training Modules on Gender and Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia
Simon Bronitt (lead), Sarah Teitt (lead), Michelle Dunn, David Duriesmith, Behnaz Zarrabi, Lauren Vogel, Luisa Ryan and Shannon Zimmerman

This training package on Gender and Preventing Violent Extremism is designed to increase the understanding of the critical role gender can play in understanding, addressing and preventing violent extremism (PVE). It is intended to support women’s organisations and civil society in their ongoing work on PVE, and related fields of women, peace and security. The training package is designed for use in Indonesia and Bangladesh, as well as South and Southeast Asia. Audiences for trainings may include local communities, civil society organisations, government agencies, and others.

The training material is divided into five sessions. Session 1 is intended to provide a foundational understanding of why gender matters in PVE. Session 2 provides an overview of gender, radicalization and violent extremism with a focus on participation. The remaining sessions provide deeper training around the pillars commonly identified with the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda: Protection (Session 3); Prevention (Session 4); and Relief and Recovery (Session 5).

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