Partnering to End Violence against Women in the Asia and the Pacific region


UN Women—DFAT | Strategic Partnership Framework

Australia's development programme (DFAT) is a major contributor to UN Women's work on ending violence against women in the Asia Pacific region. DFAT's support contributes to expanding the reach and quality of services for survivors of violence through the roll-out and adaptation of the Essential Services Package, leveraging prevention policies and learning to strengthen practice through the roll-out of Prevention Frameworks, and bolstering support to women's organizations through the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.

The brief encompasses a multifaceted approach to enhancing essential services. It outlines initiatives such as the roll-out of an Essential Services Package, emphasizing the establishment of national guidelines and protocols and the work of sustaining services during a crisis. DFAT funding has played a critical role in enabling UN Women to continue enhancing the quality of coordinated and multisectoral services for VAWG survivors across the Asia Pacific region.

Additionally, this brief describes UN Women's work on prevention, including increased implementation of evidence-based programmes and strengthening the capacities of governments, NGOs, and women's organizations. It highlights the importance of utilizing regional and national frameworks to prevent violence against women. Furthermore, it delves into the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women and the work funding and support for women's rights organizations while emphasizing the construction of a strong knowledge base to inform these initiatives.

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