Sixteen Days of Activism against Gender Violence

EVAW Trust Fund Equality Project Dissemination workshop held in Beijing

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Beijing, China — On 28 Nov 2017, the "20 Months of Implementation of DV Law: From NGO Perspective" workshop was held in Beijing. This workshop was jointly organized by UN Women and Equality NGO (Weiping). Around 100 participants from UN agencies, governmental agencies, research institutes, as well as civil society organizations attended this workshop. In the meantime, the workshop echoes the "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence", which is between November 25th to December 10th, calling for people all over the world to come together to prevent and eliminate any form of violence based on gender.

Participants at the workshop. Photo: UN Women
UN Resident Coordinator, Nicholas Rosellini. Photo: UN Women

UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Nicholas Rosellini emphasized in his opening remarks that "The theme for the 16 Days campaign this year, "Leave No One Behind: End Violence against Women and Girls," is in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It addresses the fact that although every woman and girl is vulnerable to GBV, those within marginalized groups are even more vulnerable. Identifying, addressing and responding to the marginalized women and girls when they experience GBV is critical to eliminating GBV."

UN Women China Country Programme Manager, Julie Broussard. Photo: UN Women

UN Women China Country Programme Manager Julie Broussard also stressed in her opening speech that "The objective of today's event is to discuss how to protect and empower disabled women, women living with HIV, and lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities who are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence. We need and to explore strategies to prevent DV for these targeted groups because vulnerable women cannot be left behind. "

Ms. Gwennan DELANNEE from French Embassy and Ms. Feng Yuan as UNTF project partner representative also gave opening speeches.

Equality NGO representative introduced the implementation of the National Domestic Violence law within 20 months since it came into effect. Ever since the law came into effect, the awareness of publics had been raised, the capacity of relevant service providers had been improved, more are more survivors had courage to stand out, and more and more bystanders were willing to help. Meanwhile, the report pointed out that women and girls affected by domestic violence including those who living with HIV, disabled and LBT group should be guaranteed for their human rights.

Representatives from different communities and organizations also shared their experience and observation of the DV law implementation with their own perspectives, including service provider, people living with HIV, and LBT group perspectives.

In subsequent discussions, experts and delegates agreed that domestic violence worsened the disadvantaged position of women living with HIV, women with disabilities and LBT. This severely reduced the quality of life for themselves and for their families. Disadvantaged women can enjoy equal rights only after the elimination of gender inequality, domestic violence, social stigma and discrimination, a three-fold disadvantage for these women. Domestic violence confronted by disadvantaged population needs to be addressed from legal and policy angles, and through working together with local communities and domestic violence victims. Raising the awareness of policy-makers and the public is particularly important.

All participants expressed the hope that through this workshop, more people would pay attention to domestic violence experienced by women living with HIV, LBT and women with disabilities, and combat domestic violence, allowing every woman to live in a violence-free world.

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北京, 中国 — 2017年11月28日,反家暴法实施20个月:民间监测报告发布和能力建设研讨会暨联合国消除对妇女的暴力信托基金项目成果交流会在北京召开。本研讨会由联合国妇女署与北京为平妇女权益机构主办,来自联合国机构、政府机关、科研机构、及公益组织的近百位代表参加了本次研讨会。此次会议也响应了11月25日一直到12月10日的"消除性别暴力16日"(简称16日行动),这一倡议呼吁全世界人民联合起来共同防止和消除对妇女和女童的暴力行为。

Participants at the workshop. Photo: UN Women
UN Resident Coordinator, Nicholas Rosellini. Photo: UN Women

联合国驻华代表罗世礼先生在欢迎致辞中强调:"今年16日行动的主题 ,是"不让任何人掉队:制止侵害妇女和女童的暴力行为",与联合国2030年可持续发展目标相呼应。今年的主题强调,每一位妇女和女童都可能是性别暴力的受害者,而边缘弱势群体则是更为脆弱的潜在受害对象。发现、关注并积极回应弱势女性群体在面对性别暴力时的境况是消除性别暴力至关重要的一环。"

UN Women China Country Programme Manager, Julie Broussard. Photo: UN Women








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