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Claiming Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Resource Guide (2013)


A Resource Guide to Advancing Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Using the Optional Protocol and Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Optional Protocol and International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights... More

Advancing Reproductive Rights Using the Inquiry Procedure of the OP CEDAW and the UN Special Procedures: the Philippine Experience

EnGenderRights, Inc.

This publication will not be possible without the women and men who generously shared their life and experiences with us. EnGendeRights would like to thank the following for wholeheartedly supporting this project: Ms. Luz Rodriguez and Ms. Shoko Ishikawa of UNIFEM CEDAW SEAP for believing in the importance of popularizing the UN mechanisms for the protection and advancement of women’s rights; Ms. Teresa Ogao of Samahan ng Malayang Kababaihang Nagkakaisa (SAMAKANA) and the women of Katuparan and Permanent Housing, Vitas, Tondo, Manila... More

Do Our Laws Promote Gender Equality? - A Handbook for CEDAW-Based Legal Reviews (2013)

UN Women, Rea Abada Chiongson

Laws translate the principles of CEDAW into concrete legal provisions that can be easily accessed and enjoyed at the national level. A legal review that uses a CEDAW framework facilitates this process.... More

Domestic Violence Legislation and its Implementation: An Analysis for ASEAN Countries Based on International Standards and Good Practices (2013)

UN Women

Violence against women, whether in public or private sphere, is a human rights violation. In its General Recommendation 19, the CEDAW Committee identifies gender-based violence as an expression of sex discrimination because it is disproportionately directed against women... More

CEDAW and the Human Rights Based Approach to Programming (2007)


This guide consolidates insights and experiences gained by UNIFEM to date, to assist staff in further deepening the HRBA within programming. It’s a contribution we share with partners in our common effort to advance women’s human rights... More

CEDAW and Security Council Resolution 1325


This guide aims to support gender equality advocates in bringing the greatest possible political and legal authority to bear on efforts to advance gender equality in the context of peace and security.... More

Non-Discrimination in International Law – Handbook for Practitioners (2005)


As part of this comparative approach, Non-Discrimination in International Law: A Handbook for Practitioners provides an overview of the key principles of non-discrimination and equality from each of the most important systems of international human rights protection. It aims to provide a guide to the most important international decisions on equality with a view to facilitating cross-fertilization of jurisprudence across grounds and ‘themes’ of non-discrimination and between systems of protection. The focus of the Handbook is international human rights law... More

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