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Pathway to Gender Equality: CEDAW, Beijing and the MDGs (2004)


“Pathway to Gender Equality” outlines how the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA)... More

Making MDGs Work for All: Gender-Responsive Rights-Based Approaches to the MDGs (2008)

UNIFEM/Lorraine Corner

This book is especially designed to assist development policy makers, planners and practitioners from government and civil society to develop, implement and monitor strategies to achieve each goal for all – women and men, girls and boys – in ways that adapt global goals and indicators to national and local contexts and draw links between the different MDGs... More

The Essentials to Understanding CEDAW and How it Applies in the Cambodian Context: A Vision for the New Millennium


The booklet is aimed at raising awareness of the CEDAW convention and its core principles of substantive equality, non-discrimination and state obligation to a Cambodian audience. In addition to making it more relevant to Cambodia by linking the CEDAW Convention to the Cambodian Constitution and legislation, the booklet attempts to link CEDAW Convention to the Beijing Platform for Action and the Millennium Development Goals... More

Reasons why we need the RH Law by EnGendeRights

Clara Rita A. Padilla, EnGendeRights, Inc.

It has been almost nine years since the first RH bill has been filed in Congress in December 2001. The failure to pass the RH bill has been detrimental to the health and lives of Filipinos especially women and children... More

Training Module on Women’s Human Rights for the Legal Training Centre (LTC) Curriculum, Timor Leste (2014)

UN Women Timor Leste, Ms. Evalyn G. Ursua

This set of Modules was prepared for the purpose of providing the Legal Training Centre of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste with materials that may assist its trainers in the instruction of magistrates, prosecutors, public defenders and private lawyers on human rights, especially women’s human rights... More

In Pursuit of Justice: Progress of the World’s Women (2011)

UN Women

The rule of law, a cornerstone of good governance and democracy, requires that laws are in place to hold everyone to account, from the individual up to government. It requires that laws are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated... More

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