Gender Alert on COVID-19 in Afghanistan | Issue VI: Women, Peace & Security and Ensuring Women’s Meaningful Participation in the Afghan Peace Process


This alert focuses on a pillar of the women, peace and security agenda of particular relevance in Afghanistan today – participation. Specifically, the alert engages stakeholders on how to collectively ensure women’s meaningful participation in an intra-Afghan peace process. It addresses the ways in which exclusion and lack of women’s meaningful participation represent, in part, an expression of existing low numbers of women in leadership positions and existing barriers to exerting influence in male dominated spaces.

This alert addresses several issues related to ensuring women’s meaningful participation in an intra-Afghan peace process and ensuring a gender-sensitive resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan.

The alert concludes with a set of preliminary recommendations for consideration by national and international stakeholders to support the meaningful participation of women in peace and security processes, particularly the intra-Afghan dialogue.

This Gender Alert is part of the “UN Women Afghanistan Gender Alert on COVID-19 series".

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