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Shukria Yari. Photo: Rayan Bhagwagar

By: Shukria Yari

I have heard a lot of wrenching stories like a girl given away as a slave to settle a family dispute, a young woman traded to another family in exchange for a second wife for her father, a woman blamed for not giving birth to a baby boy. Read more


Photo: UN Women/Pathumporn Thongking

By: Shane Bhatla

Twenty-five years ago, a young boy was born trapped in a body that wasn’t his. So on that one fateful day, as my bully shoved me into the wall of the library and pinned my arms there, I discovered I was gay and madly head over... Read more


Net Supatravanij

By: Net Supatravanij

The idealistic vision of the world is always in stark contrast to reality. It’s easy to say, “I support this” or “I believe in that” but having the commitment and consistency to follow through with actions is a different story. Read more


Sveto Muhammed Ishoq. Photo: Joshua Charles Woodard

By: Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

If more Afghan women and girls were allowed by their husbands, fathers or brothers to go to school, they would not suffer in this cruel way. The media should enthusiastically help make our country a place better for women. Read more


Meeting other young activists, innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers. Photo: Courtesy of Mayumi Sato

By: Mayumi Sato

Greta is not alone in her efforts. I met change-makers, including local activists and budding politicians, who are working towards justice in climate change action worldwide. Read more



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