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Sveto Muhammed Ishoq. Photo: Joshua Charles Woodard

By: Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

If more Afghan women and girls were allowed by their husbands, fathers or brothers to go to school, they would not suffer in this cruel way. The media should enthusiastically help make our country a place better for women. The world wants to know the reality of women’s lives in different places. Read more


Mayumi Sato

By: Mayumi Sato

When I read the Beijing Declaration, I was inspired and reassured to know that people worldwide are building solidarity to fight for a just and gender-equal world. I am committed to try to destigmatize conversations around women’s rights in my country. Read more


Photo: UN Women Viet Nam/Pham Phuong Anh

By: UN Women Asia Pacific

Youth Blog to offer young people from across the region with an online advocacy space to raise their ideas, concerns and expectations in relation to gender equality and women’s rights.

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Maria Shahid, a Pakistani Facebook campaign writer who highlights the voices of Asian women. Photo: Courtesy of Maria Shahid

By: Maria Shahid

Move away from stereotypes like “Boys will be boys” and “Girls are weak.” Encourage girls and boys to pursue their education and careers based on their interests, intellects and passions, not based on their physical attributes. Read more


Chitsanupong Nithiwana, a 23-year-old Thai transwoman who dreams to become an international journalist. Photo: Courtesy of Chitsanupong Nithiwana

By: Chitsanupong Nithiwana

TV comedy shows often make fun of different sexual orientations and identities. A transgender woman who has not undergone a sex reassignment operation is called “a woman with a snake between her legs”. Read more



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