Women’s Economic Participation and Empowerment

(close-up shot of) After practicing new techniques, a women farmer show vegetable pickle, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Photo: UN Women/Faria Salman

Pakistan’s newly launched ‘Women’s Economic Participation and Empowerment - Status Report 2016’ emphasizes the complex and multifaceted concept of women’s economic empowerment and status of Pakistani women to different dimensions and determinants of economic participation.

The report highlights specific aspects of women’s economic empowerment and recommends a concerted effort to improve women’s access, opportunities and capabilities in order for them to participate as full economic actors in development and growth.

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[1] Investing in Human Capital
[2] Financial and Physical Capital
[3] Employment and Earnings
[4] Vulnerability in Employment
[5] Valuing Unpaid Family Workers
[6] The Gender Wage Gap
[7] Poverty and Opportunity
[8] Women Economic Empowerment Index
[9] WEE in a Humanitarian Context