UN Women Fiji Snapshot on Women Respond to TC Winston


4th March 2016


Tropical Cyclone Winston was the most powerful cyclone to strike Fiji but despite the devastation, women have emerged as leaders and innovators, showcasing their strength, resilience and resourcefulness. From day one women have been front and centre, sometimes alongside men, at other times on their own, responding to the needs of their communities. Women have been tending to the elderly, the sick and injured, supporting community members with disabilities, and caring for children who have been separated from their families. Women leaders, women’s networks and women members of faith-based groups have mobilised to play their part in the response, especially in rural communities. Women have been collecting and distributing clothes, food, water, babies’ nappies and women’s hygiene products – items that are essential to families affected by the disaster. In this way, women’s increased role in decision-making has ensured that relief items addressing the specific needs of other women in their communities are included in distributions...

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