Skillshare Nepal

Kick Against Violence

Focus area: Preventing Violence

A Sexual Violence Assessment report (Himrights, 2012) conducted in seven districts of the Mid-West and Far-West Regions of Nepal revealed that one girl in 10 experienced sexual violence. Young girls are victimized physically, sexually and emotionally not only in their workplaces and communities but also in schools and at home. Relatives, friends and teachers tend to be the main perpetrators, with young girls reporting high levels of sexual violence by male friends (23 per cent), school teachers (16 per cent), and relatives and family members (8 per cent).

Photo: Skillshare Nepal

The project implements in schools in three districts of Kathmandu valley: Viz Kathmandu, lalitpur and Bhaktapu. Using a two-fold strategy of football coaching and life skills workshops, the project teaches young girls how to build their protection assets and to take a stance against gender-based violence. The football coaching uses football itself as a tool for empowering girls. By utilizing a sports-based intervention, it is intended that girl students will develop self-confidence to break gender stereotypes and stand up against different forms of gender-based violence. The project also works with teachers, school management and male students to address gender-based violence and make the school environment safer for girls.

Grant Amount: USD 85,327
Project duration: 1 Jan 2016 – 31 Dec 2017