Reducing Vulnerability of Women Affected by Climate Change through Livelihood Options - Final Evaluation Report

Nielsen Bangladesh

Executive Summery

UN Women is working to reduce vulnerability of women affected by climate change. In December 2011, UN Women launched the project, “Reducing Vulnerability of Women Affected by Climate Change through Livelihood Options” which was supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka. The two implementing partners were BRAC and Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS).

The goal of the project was to ensure that women in communities vulnerable to the impact of climate change access sustainable livelihoods and are agents of change in climate change risk mitigation policy. To understand the results/contributions and lessons learned in the areas of gender equality and climate change the evaluation was planned which is also expected to feed learning into UN Women’s efforts to promote gender equality in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in the post-2015 development scenario in Bangladesh. Mixed methods were applied to meet the evaluation objectives and to compare baselines & qualitative inputs. Therefore, a combination of sources of data has been utilized for the data collection. Among 10 districts; the project areas, final evaluation was conducted in 5 districts, using a purposive selection method where the mixture of coastal districts, flood-prone districts and drought-prone districts was...

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