UN Women Cambodia s upports the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in hosting the National Workshop on Gender and Labor M igration


In December 2011 the Cambodia country office supported the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in organising a National Workshop on Gender and Labor  Migration. The objective of the Workshop was to improve participants’understanding of the laws that protect Cambodian women labor migrants and promote their rights and also addressing the need for law and policy on migration to be written and implemented in a way that responds to the gender needs of female migrant workers. The Workshop drew particular attention to the need to ensure that the regulations on labour migration management that are currently under development are gender responsive referencing the provisions in the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination of Women (CEDAW) and General Recommendation 26 on Women Migrant Workers. 70 participants attended the Workshop from Government ministries, Phnom Penh city Department of Women’s Affairs, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations and the Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies. With such a range of participants present, the Workshop fostered a spirit of partnership and cooperation to protect and promote the rights of women migrant workers at the country and regional levels.