I am (wo)man Campaign

Date: Monday, February 2, 2015

Bhagbati  A widow with children who runs a small business of her own.
Photo: Knowledge Gateway/Purple Flame Media/All we Can. Bhagbati - A widow who own a small business. Read more on #iam(wo)man


I am (wo)man is a digital media campaign calling on women and men from all over the world to share, through a photo and personal story, what women’s economic empowerment means to them.

The purpose of I am (wo)man is to spread awareness of and encourage action for women’s economic empowerment through digital and social media.

The campaign will highlight the two-pronged approach of women’s economic empowerment:

  • Women's economic empowerment is a fundamental human right. Realizing women's equal economic, social and cultural rights can transform and advance women's access to material needs and opportunities, and reshape unequal power relationships between women and men.
  • When women are economically empowered, the benefits ripple outwards in form of gender equality and reduced poverty. Empowered women raise healthier and better-educated children and contribute to increased household income, a more productive workplace, and to economies that are more inclusive.

By joining I am (wo)man, you will gain visibility and receive global recognition about your commitment to support women to realize their full potential in the economy and beyond.

To learn more and support the campaign visit: http://www.empowerwomen.org/multimedia-center

To join the campaign and submit your story visit: http://www.empowerwomen.org/news/i-am-woman-campaign