UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality 2013 Results


In 2013 alone, the Fund directly impacted over 1.6 million beneficiaries: improving women’s social protections and working conditions; enhancing business skills and opportunities; strengthening political participation and leadership; and supporting gender-responsive legislative and policy changes. This was achieved through 69 active programmes in 52 countries totaling US $46.5M in investments, including 30 economic empowerment and 39 political empowerment programmes.

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Programmes in Asia and the Pacific
Fostering Enterpreneurship
Fostering Entrepreneurship  Bolipara Nari Kalyan Somity, BNKS, Bangladesh 
Supporting Rural Women
Supporting Rural Women to Access and Control Resources and Assets Thardeep Rural Development Programme, Pakistan
Ensuring Decent Work
Ensuring Decent Work and Social Protection Institute for Development and Community Health, LIGHT, Viet Nam 
Catalyzing Legislative and Policy Change
Catalyzing Legislative and Policy Change  Jan Sahas Social Development Society, India 
Expanding Women Leadership
Expanding and Strengthening Women’s Leadership
SILAKA, Cambodia 
Engaging Women in Electoral Politics  Liberal Emegteichuudiin Oyunii San, LEOS, Mongolia

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